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SENEGAL ... a cultural treasure

Kaleidoscope of lush landscapes and vast savannas dotted with Baobabs. Located north of the great rainforest, Senegal has a myriad of natural environments. It has a democratic tradition, with strong institutions, the Republic of Senegal is one of the most stable countries in Africa.                         Cozy, warm and hospitable, Senegal is a crossroads of ethnicities and traditions, all of which contribute to the enormous cultural wealth. Here are preserved intact the values ​​of hospitality, despite the difficult economic conditions and significant changes of a society in crisis.



A photographer's paradise, with its streets and markets, crowded with people of various ethnicities, with its oceanic beaches where lie thousands of fishing canoes decorated with bright colors. A blend of French colonial towns and cities, and yet, its beauty is not in its architecture but in its environment and its people. Hot streets, and locals parading in an explosion of bright colors. In the markets we will dive into a bustling atmosphere, and in the air, the constant presence of a soundtrack ... the  Senegal Jazz.

On this trip you will enjoy the presence of 4 models. Three will be native. So that in addition to the local color, you can make fashion shoots and find a new way to understand your passion for photography.


Located half an hour from Dakar. The waters of this lake are pink (depending on the season). The salinity is so high that yuo can float on water. Villagers collect salt hitting the bottom with a stick. It is a fascinating place to photograph, we can also visit the nearby village of fishermen.


We can do here 1st photo shoot with models, set in the surroundings, in a lake beach and nearby dunes.  

We can also rent jeeps for a career in the incredible ocean beach.


The nice old capital of Senegal, very similar to New Orleans. It sits partly on an island.      It is a city rich in history with narrow streets, wooden balconies and beautiful patios.        It was the main commercial port in past centuries and, like Gorée was an important slave depot. We can do photos around the city on foot or by typical horse carts.   


It can be reached by 4X4 through the dunes, to superb sandy beaches and across the savannah.  

This place that many describe as magical, lets take a break in comfort in front of golden sand dunes and under the celestial vault.


After dinner, the fire is lit under the stars. It is possible to do many excursions from the camp on camels. In this field Berber staff always friendly and attentive wears typical suits. Overnight in Tents, large Mauritanian Jaimas  illuminated at dusk with candles and oil lamps.  


The huge mosque Toubaes is the world's third largest mosque, with domes of purple, blue, green and turquoise colors, the interior filled with pillars, mosaics and tiles with carved walls and ceilings, the atmosphere is amazing and photographers will have the possibility of splendid images.   

                                                              MAR LODJ  

A radical change in the landscape of our trip, this charming island lost in mangroves, offers endless possibilities for the photographer.           In the morning with our boat, we can visit and photograph the delta, mangroves, the island of birds and also some villages.

SAFARI in SAVANNAH ... and shooting with Model

With our Jeep, we drive to the savannah in a fantastic safari between huge Baobabs and villages lost in nothingness. We’ll make lots photos and discover the real Black Africa, the most hidden and remote from tourism.



Incredible scenery and people. enter into their daily lives to photograph in detail. Women, children, elderly, a kaleidoscope of life, discover the hospitality of these remote villages.                 And, incredible as it may seem, here we will do one of the sessions scheduled with Sarisha, in full savannah at sunset between old and huge Baobabs.


Markets in Senegal are a cluster of noise, color and haggling. In MBOUR we can photograph some of the best markets in West Africa. Here is where people usually walk, buy food and various goods.            Life boils and true AFRICA is discovered in them.

Here abound cows and goats, which are sometimes sacrificed in live and direct, fish, fruits, wood carvings, masks and many articles impossible to imagine, An infinite number of fabrics of all colors for the local fashion and Mali beaten, cut into patterns of Arabic style. Places full of color and music were you can make amazing images

Mbour is known for being the site of the canoes. We will photograph the colorful fishing canoes that fill the beach in the afternoon, the women sell their fish on the beach.


Where we can take pictures of the big market of beasts and colorful regional market that have the saturdays, a unique opportunity to immerse uorselves in the life and local color, far away from any tourist routes.


Nature Reserve, one of the five protected areas in the country. There, we can photograph Rhinos, Hyenas, Zebras, Wild Boar, Giraffes, Buffalos, Hippos, Crocodiles, Gazelles, Impalas, red and green Monkeys and over 120 species of birds that can be seen along the 3,500 hectares of the reserve.


The Photographer visiting Senegal can not miss this island of friendly people, picturesque scenery and thrilling history. You can still see the remnants of barbarism and the old slave warehouse. Impress the little door, open to the Atlantic, which passed by thousands of people ignorant of their destinations.


Travelling to Senegal without trying the local food, is to forget that the kitchen can also discover a country. What makes our trips into something very special, is sharing with other fellow, photographers and models, the passion that we drawing closer together in cheerful desktops after enjoying the local food.                                     In our photographic trips you can join your two passions in a simple and fun way:  passion for travel and discover the world in a privileged and almost sybaritic way, to enjoy creating images that make our experiences durables over the time.  

We will stay in typical African hotels located in the city center for complete freedom of movement WITHOUT overwhelming displacement.

We will learn to improve our work with the help of an expert photographer who will advise you on how to make stunning images of the places we visit.

Claude Guerra, advise and accompany us in explaining all the most interesting techniques for optimal and colorful results. He also advise about the composition and how to plan a travel report. 

Sarisha, will be one of our model and will accompany us throughout the trip. We will make with her unforgettable fashion shootings, taking advantage of the splendid corners  that SENEGAL offers.
AISSATOU, DAMELE and EBENE, The Senegalese models we will photograph in the fantastic in the fantasticin the fantastic local scenery  ...

the price change according to the number of travelers ... more we are, less we pay !!

1,430 euros  - 6 travelers                                                                                           1,360 euros  - 7 travelers                                                                                       1,290 euros  - 8 travelers                                                                                           1,250 euros  - 9 travelers

If you come accompanied by your partner, you will benefit with

100 euro extra discount!



Price included:

ACCOMMODATION  "9 nights" in local HOTEL or camps with African flavor. In a double room with breakfast, if you prefer, you can choose a single room (depending on availability)

TRANSPORT                                                                                                        Overland, vehicle 4x4 or Minivan with air conditioning, with a driver all the way.

GUIDE ... that will take us throughout the trip.

TUTORING AND TIPS                                                                                    
Collective or Custom advanced techniques of urban and landscape photography, from capture to editing, taught by Claude Guerra. With particular and personalized attention to framing and image composition, perspective, etc.

4-5 MODELS                                                                                                           We will do several photo shoots with models, 3-4 will be Senegalese.
Our model Sarisha accompany us on this trip and will be available to photographers.

NOT included in the price:      
AirTicket and taxes, voluntary excursions, meals and drinks and other personal expenses, tips. Any other item not mentioned as included.


Important information: 

We advise you to book your trip as soon as possible to get the best prices in the air passage.

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